Squarespace & Studio Space / by Matt Clysdale

What better way to begin my new blog than by announcing the simultaneous arrival of my new website, and my new studio down at the Park Trades Center. My two, new, creative babies - it's like having twins!


If you're reading this post, than you've found my new website. I migrated all my work from my former Livebooks website (which served me very well I might add) to this new home on Squarespace. I prefer the layout, the flexibility, and the new options, including an integrated blog where I can feature ALL my creative endeavors, as opposed to my urban wildlife blog, "Little Piece of the Wild", which was exclusive to my wildlife photography and video. 


Right in stride with this virtual shift in cyberspace is my physical move into a studio space on the third floor of the Park Trades Center in downtown Kalamazoo. Not only will the space afford me the opportunity to do more portrait work, but the front room will be a gallery space where I can exhibit and sell my work on a regular basis.

I'm sharing the studio with a retired, veteran staff photographer for the "old" Kalamazoo Gazette, back when it was a locally printed paper. He still does studio photography and will be a mentor of sorts when it comes to strobe lighting, a lighting technique I've yet to explore, considering I've relied almost entirely on the power of the sun.  The large, north facing windows are a photographer's dream when it comes to natural light:  aaahhhhh......the light, the light, the beautiful light.


The grand opening of our studio is tentatively planned for the October Art Hop, but if the stars don't align on that one we'll shoot for the November Art Hop. Come join me, the wildlife, and everyone else for a grand ole time on the 3rd floor of the Park Trades Center. I'll keep you posted.