Students, Streams & Citizen Science / by Matt Clysdale

Last summer I was commissioned by Dr. Lynne Heasley of WMU's Department of Environmental Studies to teach a workshop on short documentary with a handful of citizens and students. Our subject was the river monitoring program the department conducts every year on local rivers, streams, and creeks. The above video is the wonderful final product of that mini adventure in Southwest Michigan.

For me, it was yet one more great way to get my feet wet in our local wild spaces. Augusta Creek was brand new to me, but the stretch of Portage Creek the group was monitoring was the same stretch of water where I snapped one of my all time favorite buck photos: the Creek Buck.

The Creek Buck - Portage Creek Bicentennial Trail

The beautiful thing about the experience was how it opened up a completely different perspective on the creek for me (namely the critters living on the bottom) , one I would normally miss when my attention is laser-focused on the tall tines of an awesome buck.