The "NO KILL" Campaign / by Matt Clysdale

A beautiful bloodhound at SPCA of SW Michigan

I've been photographing cats and dogs for the SPCA of Southwest Michigan for their "NO KILL" Campaign to increase awareness about the plight of pets in SW Michigan. The campaign was started by SPCA Director, Katie Timber, with the ultimate goal of reducing euthanasia in SW Michigan and increasing the number of adoptions. 

It's been hugely rewarding and terribly fun working with the animals, even though it's often saddening to think about the fate of so many cats and dogs at the Kalamazoo County Animal Shelter (SPCA does not euthanize as a matter of policy). As you may know, there is a ticking clock for those animals not adopted - all the more reason for the campaign.

The resulting photographs will be on display for a fundraiser at Tempo Vino in downtown Kalamazoo for the May Art Hop. The winery will also be dedicating a red and white wine to the cause with photos of a dog on the red and a cat on the white. 

Please join me, the SPCA, and Tempo Vino for the event. There may even be a four legged friend in attendance!