Otter at Salt Creek / by Matt Clysdale

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I spent my last day in the wild on the Olympic Peninsula with a very trusting river otter at Salt Creek, near Tongue Point. What made this photo session so exceptional was the otter's comfort level and the relative ease by which it all came to be. 

I read a sign about resident wildlife at the Salt Creek Campground that mentioned river otter were most commonly spotted at the bridge crossing Salt Creek. The next morning I rose at the crack of dawn and made my way down to the bridge. Within an hour I spotted this otter working the creek for flounder and other sea-creatures. It was that easy.

I spent the next two hours documenting it's breakfast(s).

Compared to the posse of river otter I spotted at the Quillayute River the previous week, this otter was traveling alone. Judging by it's worn teeth, I suspect it's an older otter. Maybe an older hermit of sorts. Perhaps that's why we got along so well.