My Neighbor, the Coyote / by Matt Clysdale

I had a very rare sighting of a coyote right across the street from where I live. I hear them all the time, and even have them in my yard at night, leaving gifts of scat in the cyprus mulch around my newly planted trees. But I never actually see them, except for maybe once a year. This was my one sighting for 2015, and oddly enough in the exact same location, and roughly same time of year, I saw one in 2014. Not sure what's behind that, but it's a nice pattern emerging. 

What thrills me about this coyote is the magnificent coat on this animal. I'm also seeing the wolf and maybe dog mix in this particular animal, traits unique to the Eastern Coyote, or what is more commonly being referred to as a coywolf. And to think they're living in my neighborhood, as families, navigating the risks and perils of the urban landscape, moving through our neighborhoods practically in a parallel universe. Moments like these are when our worlds briefly intersect. What a special moment.