Colleen and Mr. B / by Matt Clysdale

Colleen is an animal sitter with a special affinity for cats. In fact, a mutual friend described her as the cat whisperer, something I personally attest to following a week long sit with my own cat, Uno. Colleen bought Uno a peacock feather and a stuffed, raking toy, both of which she would use daily during their quality play time. Upon my return he would meow incessantly, insisting I play with him. My first thought was she spoiled him rotten, but the truth be told, I wasn't giving him enough attention, on HIS terms. And he let me know it. Colleen brought all that out. 

Her work also includes tending to numerous feral cats, whose trust she's earned with her quiet, patient, cat-like demeanor. Of all the cats she works with, her favorite is Mr. B, an extremely independent black cat with a distinct patch of sable fur around the shoulders. He's an indoor/outdoor cat and very handsome. And considering the ridiculous amount of superstition heaped upon black cats, Colleen and Mr. B are perfect ambassadors for restoring their due dignity and respect.