Port Townsend Marina Otter / by Matt Clysdale

During my recent visit to Port Townsend, Washington (part of my larger tour of Olympic National Park), I spent a lot of time down by the water, where I quickly learned of an otter family living in and around the town's main marina. The otters had developed an appetite for the fish scraps available at the fillet station down at the dock, earning them the not so favorable nickname of "water rats" from some fisherman. But not all frowned upon the otter's a-little-too-close relationship with humans. The woman running the bait shop next to the fillet station loved their presence and friendliness around the docks, claiming they'd wrap themselves around her ankles when seeking food. They'd also occasionally bring their pups up to the docks; a sight I'm sure could soften even the hardest of fisherman hearts.

I wasn't able to snap any shots of them mooching fish scraps, but managed to capture them slithering down the boulders of the breakwater.