Oil spills and animals / by Matt Clysdale

Pastured, bull buffalo - Cannonball, ND

Just returned from Standing Rock, North Dakota, where a friend and I delivered supplies and funds to the water protectors standing strong against the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL). Photography in the camps was very restrictive (understandably), so I turned my lens on a beautiful herd of buffalo just North of the Cannonball River. Not only are the buffalo integral to the cultural and spiritual lives of the Sioux Nations, they're an integral part of the very landscape that would be contaminated by a pipeline break. 

Lest we forget, oil spills impact every living thing in their wake - not just us humans. Just look at the devastation unleashed on wildlife by the Gulf Oil spill, or Kalamazoo River pipeline break. Ending our addiction to oil will be good for all life on earth. A huge thank you to all those on the front lines of this movement.

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