I recently returned from an eventful journey to San Francisco and Marin County, including an epic, all day photo safari at Point Reyes National Seashore with consummate guide and photographer, Daniel Dietrich of Point Reyes Safaris.

High fives and hats off to Daniel - an unrelenting rain put a damper on animal activity, but his experience and determination produced sightings of all the major wildlife in the park: bobcat, coyote, tule elk, blacktail deer, kestrel, harrier, and a lifer for me: a wild barn owl, an extirpated species in Michigan. We didn't see any burrowing owls (not for lack of trying) but perhaps that's my excuse to return :) I'm truly thankful for adventures like these. 

Great Horned Owl, sleeping through an endlessly rainy day.

Sleeping Great Horned Owl 

The Female California Quail, often overlooked because of the showier male

Male California Quail being sized-up by a Coyote on the prowl.

Coyote contemplating a California Quail, for breakfast.

Blacktail Deer Fawn

Talking Raven


Kestrel Perched

Raven and Landscape

Soaking wet Great Horned Owl, embedded in an evergreen.


Great Horned Owl camo