In quantum mechanics, there are two principles that really resonate with me and my art.

First, you can observe the sub-atomic as either a wave or a particle, but never both at the same time. It requires a perceptual shift to go from seeing the atom as particles, to seeing it as a wave (a bunch of particles). And despite their difference, they're actually the same "thing". The other kicker is that the observer changes the nature or behavior of the observed. 

It's the wave/particle perceptual shift that has always stuck with me ever since I read about it in high school. 

In my collage work, I strive to make that same perceptual shift possible with a person and an animal for instance. You can perceive the animal or the person in their totality, but never really both at the same time. You have to shift your perception back and forth. There's also the hybrid view of the two where they are fused in some fashion, appearing as a singular "thing". Not only is it perceptually fun, and gives the work a vitality and depth, but it's pretty close to the reality of life where perception is such a dynamic and shifting phenomena. Ask two people what they saw and you'll get two different perspectives.